Who is on Your Gratitude List this Women's Day?

On mine are all the people whose curiosity inspired me and whose passion was to learn together.

On Sunday, March the 8th, we celebrate International Women's Day, and this year's theme, #EachforEqual. Celebrating the contributions of women while reminding us all that equality is for all by all.

One interesting exercise is to think back over your life and write down the names of all the people who made an impact on how your life turned out. Who are they? What was the contribution they made? It could be good or bad. The point is what you did with it.

On my list are 11 men and seven women. From my mum inspiring in me a belief that I could do whatever I set my mind to, to the worst boss who taught me how not to lead people. And to the women and men here at the LEGO Group who helped me be where I am now. One I met early on helped me stay on when my team and I were made redundant. His vision and approach to engaging communities have been an influence ever since. Another I first met on a talent program over ten years ago and much later he made a bet on me to take on this role. You realise the power of these connections only in hindsight.

The people on my list are very different, yet they all made an impact. Some through the lessons they taught me about myself. Some through the choices they helped me make. None of them did what they did because I was like them. Often, I was their polar opposite in more ways than one. What we have in common is our curiosity and thirst to explore, discover and make something with what we have learned. Ideas and contributions matter in terms of how they help us move forward, not who made them. It is a source of energy, inspiration and renewal—a far more helpful way to connect than being preoccupied with similarities or differences. And how each of these people chose to meet me made all the difference.

We connect through our contributions and how we show up for one another. Ultimately, the way we meet another human being is the only thing we can fully influence. It is a choice we each make. We choose to show up for each other and the reward is the energy in that interaction and the difference it makes for ourselves and the other. The secret is to keep exploring and make the community around you as diverse as possible. You will find more energy, more learning and more passion for fuelling your life adventure. And the surprising connections whose power you only discover in hindsight. Be #curious, stay #focussed and always be #brave. #EachForEqual.